Play Mini Roulette Online at India

Are you the kind of person who just loves pint-sized things? Do you get a kick out of small animals, miniature model airplanes and those tiny little hats that you put on dogs for a laugh? Well, then you might enjoy our new Mini Roulette, but it will probably be for an entirely different reason. You see, while most things that are tiny are loved because they are adorable, humourous or down right irresistible, this game is attractive because of how exciting it is to play. If you have enjoyed the rush of a roulette wheel before, then be prepared to get blown away by this edition because it is really something fantastic!

If you are thinking that you will get a low-key, slower paced, and, yes, kind of adorable version of online roulette from our Mini Roulette wheel, then you have got another thing coming to you! In fact, this is probably the exact opposite of what you are expecting. Instead of being easier on the nerves, less stress and more frills, the Mini Roulette game is a more challenging sport than you are already used to. The games go faster, the odds are skewed and your traditional betting strategy has gone straight out the window! So what do you do with this interesting new version, and, for goodness’ sakes, what’s it all about already? Let’s take a peek.

All About Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette at our online casino is just as it sounds; a miniature version of everyone’s favourite wheel game. Instead of having over 30 options in numbers to choose from, though, this wheel only has 13. There are the numbers one through 12, and then there is the zero spot as usual. You also get some of the same combination betting options that you are used to, although, some of them are obviously disqualified due to the smaller number of digits you are playing with. The goal and the setup are still as you remember them, though. You get to place bets down on the table side of the board. Hit up an individual number, or use a new strategy (remember, your old strategy won’t work here because of the different sets of probabilities that you are working with now) to combine number sets for the ultimate betting profile. However you like to bet is your business, just do it, and then press spin, so you can see the pint-sized wheel in action.

Play Mini Roulette Like a Pro

Features are the same as usual too. You can change chip denomination by clicking on a different coloured chip. Click on the area of the board you want to bet on, or hover over the min/max area to find the pay chart. Watch the history rack up along the bottom of the screen, and see if you can detect patterns. Most of all, just have fun with this interesting new online casino games version today!