Play Live Mini Baccarat Online at India

Live Mini Baccarat is just another exciting edition to our stupendous online casino games lineup. If you like the original form of Baccarat and want even more action, then you need to try out this one! It’s going to test your skills, challenge your wits, and deliver an all around fun-filled evening, so hurry in and give it a try.

Live Mini Baccarat Vs. Baccarat

Baccarat is a complex setup that may deter you from going forward if you have never played the game before. We strongly recommend that you give pause for just a minute, though, because you can pick up the basic elements quickly, and then you’ll be having fun and playing like a pro in no time! Bear in mind that Live Mini Baccarat at Online Casino India is a little more intense than the classic version. If this is your first time on the Baccarat field, you may want to begin with the standard game first, and work your way towards this one as you get a stronger footing on the concepts at play here.

Live Mini Baccarat has exactly the same rules as big table Baccarat, so you can relax if you know the guidelines already. The difference to this version is the speed. Because all of the cards are turned over simultaneously, your round turnaround is considerably faster than you might be used to. This doesn’t actually change the game at all, but it certainly makes for a great live Casino experience! Can you handle the pace or do you need to sit out of the race? Find out when you start betting and seeing those cards flip before your eyes!

Learn How to Play Live Mini Baccarat

Before you go, we’ll review the basic Live Mini Baccarat rules in case you haven’t had the experience of a classic Baccarat game yet. The premise of the game is based on a three way betting option. You can bet either on the Banker, the Player or the Tie. The goal is to accurately guess which hand will have the highest value at the end of the round. Points are calculated by adding the card values together, and dropping the first number of the total when appropriate. This means, if your total comes to more than nine, just drop that one, and stick with the second digit for your total. If you have a nine and an eight, add them together to get 17, and then you’ll drop the one and be left with a total of seven.

Make your bet, and then the dealer gives two cards to each the Banker and the Player. Players may hit or stand according to the rules, but there is no such thing as going bust on these rounds. If either one of these has an eight or nine total, then they both have to stand. Players hit on five or less, though.