Play Live Dual Roulette Online at India

Live Dual Roulette gives you an exciting twist on the standard roulette wheel. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the difference is, but in case you’re one of those guys who really needs things spelled out for him, we’ll lay it all out on the table right here. Live Dual Roulette allows you to play two games simultaneously for a lot more fun than you are used to having. Read on to find out how this works and how you can start playing this exciting option immediately at our online casino!

All About Live Dual Roulette

Live Dual Roulette works just like you would imagine it would. You are going to begin by placing a wager. The cool thing is, though, that you won’t have to do double the work even though you are going to have double the fun. You can put down the bets one time, and that will cover both wheels. The amounts will be doubled, of course, since it is two games. So if, for example, you wager five coins, the round total will be ten coins, five for each of the wheels you are playing with right now. Get it? Good. Then play continues just like you remember it. Pressing spin gets both wheels to start moving. Both the balls will spin on their wheel, and the number that each of the balls lands on at the end of the spin is the winning number for that game.

The quirkiest part is that, since the games are totally unrelated, you can actually win at one game and lose at the other. It’s all the luck of the draw, but increasing your games will certainly up your chances of winning as well. That is the beauty of Live Casino. Two games means twice as much fun, twice as much action, and twice as much winning potential. Why would you want to play just one when you can have two times that much in one?

Live Dual Roulette – Don’t Forget It’s Live!

The only other thing to keep in mind is that this is a live dealer game, and, as such, has a few rules to remember. Since you are playing with other players, you need to be quick about it. You can’t sit there twirling your hair while you consider the ramifications of each bet you place. You have to put down the money and fast if you want to participate in these rounds. Otherwise, you’ll be left high and dry with nothing to show for a good night of gambling. Playing casino games online live is always a challenge, and loads of fun. It is a wild and crazy concept, and you might think you are seeing double for a little while until you get the hang of it. Play a few rounds, though, and you’re sure to get hooked in no time!