Play Blackjack Switch Online at India

Everyone loves the classics, and Blackjack classic is no different. Even the best things in life, though, need a little variation once in awhile, and that’s why they’ve come up with so many fun twists and turns to this already amazing gambling sport. Blackjack Switch is one of the greatest variations that they have put out there, and we are pretty sure that once you get started you will be hard pressed to stop! Don’t worry, we’ll keep the original version in tact for those times when you want a stroll down memory lane. For the rest of the time, let’s get some switching action going on right now!

Blackjack Switch Explained

Online Blackjack Switch plays like the original, but then again it doesn’t. You see, things start out nice and simple, you make a bet. Even during this stage, though, things aren’t quite what you are used to. Instead, you are making two equal wagers for two hands. That’s because you are playing those two hands at the same time, and that’s where the switching comes in. The whole twist of the game is that you can switch cards from one of your hands to the other in order to create the best hand combination possible.

Let’s take an example to help explain the concept further. Let’s say you are dealt one hand with a ten and a four in it and the second hand has a ten and a two, you can bring the tens together for an almost flawless win. In fact, you can do this with any combination of values that works with your strategy. If you are knowledgeable in the splitting pairs methodology, this is where you will find that information to be particularly helpful. Take the information that you have of the way the odds work with those numbers, and use it to your advantage to make killer pair combos.

Blackjack Switch Variations

Now for some differences you want to keep in mind. Since the odds are much more in your favor than usual (since you get to make up your own hands), there have to be a few cards stacked against you. Here are a couple that stand out from the norm:

  • A 22 for the dealer doesn’t make him go bust. Instead, it’s considered a push.
  • When switching, you can only switch the bottom cards from either hand. This does somewhat limit your options, but, hey, you are still getting an amazing opportunity, so enjoy it!
  • You can double down if you like the way things are going, and want to earn even more money from your win.

Now you are ready to play Blackjack Switch like a pro, so get into our stupendous online casino in India, and have some fun playing casino games online today!