Play Blackjack Surrender Online at India

Have you always felt like you were slinking away from a game when you opted to fold rather than play out the entire round? In truth, knowing when to walk away is probably one of the most complex and honorable strategy points that a card player can use, and it is invaluable for a gambler to be able to do so from time to time. Taking this concept one step further, Blackjack Surrender has turned that taboo move into a downright tactic for playing this brilliant version. Wondering what exactly this one is all about? Read on, and find out the genius behind this next favourite online casino game.

Blackjack Surrender – When & Why

Blackjack Surrender has a new spin on an old favourite card game, Blackjack Online. Before you begin playing this version, you have to really appreciate the intelligence behind a good folding strategy. The move lies within the value of your hand and how much you stand to lose from a loss. If your losses are valued as more than 50% of your wager, then you would be foolish to stay in the game. The smart move would be to fold, and walk away with more money than you would be entitled to if you had continued and played out the entire round.

Now that you understand why you would choose to surrender, we can explain the gain from this move. In Blackjack Surrender, when you surrender, instead of losing your entire bet to the online casino, you actually get half of the wager back to your bankroll. This is not only a fabulous opportunity for a learning session, but it means that you can actually play nearly twice as many games as you would normally be able to under the rules of other versions we host!

Tips in Blackjack Surrender

Looking to find a few tips or cheats that you can use in order to build some sort of strategy to play Blackjack Surrender with? While there is no way to tell you exactly when and when not to surrender, there are some general guidelines that you can stick with for almost 100% accuracy. For example:

  • You should generally keep going in the game if the dealer is showing any of the following cards: two, three, four, five, six or seven.
  • Alternatively, an eight, nine, ten or ace are much more likely to prove victorious to the dealer. In this case, it could be more profitable for you to fold early on in the game, rather than face the consequence of playing through and losing your entire wager.

Blackjack Surrender is just one of the great options that we host at India! With so many different versions of your ultimate gambling entertainment, why would you ever want to go anywhere else?