Play Progressive Blackjack Multihand 5 Online at India

Are you a sucker for the progressive plays? All that money sitting in one giant pot; it’s almost criminal not to bet on it. What’s the problem with these online casino games, though? Usually, if you are the type who is pining for the jackpot, you feel like things are going just a little too slowly. How can you speed up the victories so that you can walk away with that big fat check in hand? Easy; play the Progressive Blackjack Multi-hand 5! This card game gives you all the greatest aspects of the online blackjack along with a few more that are sure to clinch the deal. Take a look.

What makes Different Progressive Blackjack Multihand 5?

Progressive Blackjack Multi-hand 5 has the style of classic blackjack, so you can enjoy your charge towards 21 as usual. In addition, you are balancing the progressive jackpot wager while you play, and that could lead to a hefty haul at the end of a round one of these days. The biggest deal for many punters, though, is the fact that you can play so many hands at once with this version! Instead of sitting around, waiting for the computer to reshuffle, redeal, reload and realize that you are drumming your fingers on the keyboard, you can knock ‘em down one right after another with speed and ease. The beauty, of course, of this speed playing is that a) you increase the excitement level by a whole bunch because there is nothing more thrilling than juggling a slew of hands at one time and b) you increase the chances of winning with each hand that you are playing. After all, if you have one hand going, you only have one chance of winning. With five games going at once, though, you have five times that much!

Progressive Blackjack Multihand 5 Variations

Progressive Blackjack Multi-hand 5 in Casino Online India has a few caveats that you should bear in mind when playing through these rounds. They won’t make you stop playing, but that should definitely make you think twice before you put down a wager.

  • The first variation is no checking. Usually, if the dealer shows an ace or a face card, he will check his hand to make sure it is not a natural blackjack. This saves time and aggravation, but it also cuts you round short without playing out. In this option, there is no checking, so you might get a surprise at the end of the round!
  • There is also no resplitting. That means, once you have split your hand, you cannot split again. This is not such an uncommon rule, though, as other blackjack variants also retain this clause.
  • Doubling down works differently too. If the dealer wins on an ace card, the player loses both the ante bet and the double down bet. If the dealer wins on a card with the value of ten facing up, then the player only loses the original wager.