Play Blackjack Pontoon Online at India

Blackjack Pontoon is a fun Blackjack version that gives the British punters something to enjoy. The term was coined in England, and now it has stuck, despite the fact that this game is now played all over the world. Want to see if you can handle this gamble on a new level? Then step inside, and we’ll explain how it works!

Blackjack Pontoon Terms

Sometimes just a word can make all the difference. Well, if you are playing Blackjack Pontoon, then you will certainly find this to be true since some of the most common terms that you are used to playing Online Blackjack with have taken a turn (though not for the worst!)

  • If you want the dealer to give you another card, you’ll Twist instead of Hitting.
  • Alternatively, rather than Standing around, you will Stick when you don’t want any more cards.
  • Buy if you want to double your bet or Double Down like you are used to.

Playing Blackjack Pontoon

In addition to the terms, there are some different house rules that you may not be used to. Things like when you can double down, when you can hit, and which combinations pay out can vary from one casino to the next, but they will certainly surprise you if you aren’t familiar with this version. Here are a few:

  • A pontoon pays out two to one. A pontoon is when you have an ace and a ten-value card. That means any king, queen, jack or ten.
  • A five-card trick will beat out a 21 value hand.
  • Normally, you have the choice when to hit and when to stand. In Blackjack Pontoon, though, you have to hit if you have 14 or less. There is no option to stand on this amount.
  • You can also hit after you have doubled down. This is highly unusual, and, in most Blackjack games, you are limited in your doubling down to the first round of dealing.
  • There is no Push in this version. If you and the dealer tie, you lose!

The differences that we have highlighted here can help you figure out how to tailor your regular strategy for a win in Blackjack Pontoon. Other than these rules, play is pretty much the same as usual. You bet an amount by clicking on the playing area. Then you take your cards and try to reach 21 without busting. You can hit, stand, double down and split accordingly.

Blackjack Pontoon is just one of the many exciting options we have available in our gallery of online casino games at our online casino in India. If you want to know what other fun-filled choices we have in store for you, then you’ll just have to come over, and see all the assortment for yourself!