Play Blackjack UK Online at India

Online Blackjack UK is a pleasant Blackjack version that will entertain any gambler even if you aren’t from the United Kingdom. If you are a fun-loving punter who likes to shake things up a little bit, then why not try out this online casino games challenge today? Who knows, it might just be your chance at winning the jackpot of a lifetime in our online casino India!

How to Play Blackjack UK

Playing Blackjack UK is easy to learn, so you can be gambling in no time. Here are the rules:

  • Bet how ever much you like to start the game. This is done by clicking on whichever value chips you want to use, and then pressing on the area of the board you want to play with. You have the option to play multiple hands, and this can increase the level of excitement in each round (not to mention the probability of earning more cash!)
  • Bets ready? Then you can collect your cards by hitting deal. The computerized dealer will give out your cards; two to every hand that is available for play.
  • Your main objective is to get higher than the dealer, though, most people will try to tell you that you are reaching for 21. Really, you don’t need 21 to win; you just have to beat the dealer’s hand. If you have a low enough combination of card values, you will want to hit. This means the dealer will give you another card to add to your hand. If the total is still less than 21, you can hit again, but proceed with caution. Remember, you don’t want to go over that number or you lose automatically.
  • If you don’t want to receive another card, stand, and the dealer goes.
  • If the dealer gets lower than your hand or goes bust, you win!

Blackjack UK Point Values & Payouts

Point values go as follows:

  • Two through ten are valued at their face value.
  • Jacks, Queens, Kings are worth ten.
  • Aces are worth either one or 11, depending on your hand. If you are given a higher card that would throw off the balance to a bust, then your ace would be a one. If you can utilize the card as an 11, though, without going over 21, you can do so.

Payouts are as follows:

  • A blackjack pays out 1.5 times your wager. You will be the happy winner when you get 25 coins for the ten that you put down, for example. A blackjack beats all other hands including a hand that equals 21 with three or more cards.
  • Otherwise, a standard win is an even bet. That means, if you wagered 20 coins, you will get back 40. Not a bad haul.
  • Going over 21 automatically disqualifies your hand from the round.
  • A tie is called a push, and nobody wins.