Play American Blackjack Online at India

Calling all the good folks from the US of A in Online Casino India. It is time for a little patriotic pondering. If you enjoy a good round of Blackjack as much as the rest of us do, then you will really love the new version called American Blackjack. After all, it’s your hometown combined with all the pizzazz of a standard 21-card game; what’s not to love? So grab an ice cold beer, get comfortable in your Lazy Boy, and start the online casino games betting now!

The American Blackjack Difference

If you have played regular Online Blackjack games before but haven’t experienced this one yet, American Blackjack follows the same guidelines as the original, saving one exception. When the dealer deals his own hand, the first hand will be dealt face up and the second card face down. If the first card in the dealer’s hand is a ten or an ace, the dealer will automatically check for a Blackjack (that is when an ace and a ten are dealt on the first try). Otherwise, the round plays out normally.

How to Play American Blackjack

Need a refresher on the rest of the gameplay? No problem.

  • Decide how many hands you want to play with first. If you are really new, then it is not a good idea to give yourself too much to learn at one time. Instead, learn on a single hand game or three, and when you get the swing of things, then you can increase the number of hands.
  • You can also decide how much you want to wager. There are different chip amounts, so you can select your denomination, and then put down a bet that works with your bankroll. A standard rule of thumb is to keep your bets within a certain percentage of your bankroll. This way, you are always left with something to play with. You don’t want to throw away all your gambling money on the first round you play, now do you?
  • Next you click deal, and you will receive your cards. Two cards are dealt for every hand that is in play. These cards will be facing up so you can see the full hand at once. A hand containing an ace and a ten wins automatically. Keep in mind that this can happen multiple times when you are playing multiple hands, and the dealer can also receive an automatic blackjack. When this happens, all other hands (that are not blackjack) lose.
  • Play continues assuming there is no blackjack on the first round. You are trying to get to 21 without going bust. Hit, and you will get another card. Stand, and play will move to the next hand or the dealer. If the total of your hand is over 21, you are bust, and you lose automatically.