Play Megajacks Videopoker Online at Ireland

Poker is a very popular gambling pastime. There is thrill and excitement with every hand. You do not know what you are going to be dealt. But sometimes, it isn’t always fun to play with others. Sometimes you just want to concentrate and play on your own. But what are you going to do in this situation? Cards are usually group activities with a dealer and multiple players. Do not worry; the advent of online video poker gave people an opportunity to play cards with just themselves and a computer. The odds here are different than with regular card activities because each hand starts with a 52 card deck. The odds do not change. Want to play an interesting one with a fun jackpot twist? Then check out Megajacks!

Megajacks and the Progressive Jackpot

Megajacks plays just like Jacks or Better in the fact that pairs lower than jacks do not count as a winning hand. The only difference is that this variation offers something a little bit extra – a progressive jackpot! With every bet you make, a small percentage of it goes toward growing this progressive jackpot! How do you win this jackpot? Well, you need to get a royal flush while betting the maximum amount, which are five coins. Because this hand is the hardest to get, you can expect that this jackpot grows and grows and grows. Once someone wins it, it goes right back to the starting amount to grow until the next person plays.

Win Megajacks at Ireland

To win at Megajacks, as previously mentioned, you need to get a pair of jacks or better. While it is tempting to keep low numbered pairs with regular five card stud, that is not going to cut it here. The number one tip here is to not be afraid to discard cards. Aside from the rules, always look up strategies and tips on how to be a better player. While luck has a lot to do with what cards you are dealt, you still need some skills in determining which cards to keep and which to discard. Do it right and you will find yourself on the end of numerous winning hands.

At Ireland, we offer a variety of online casino games in this variety, including Joker Poker and 25-Line Aces and Faces. Each with their own rules and each with their own rewards. If you want to have fun with a new poker version that requires you and just a computer, then come over to our online casino Irelanad today!