Play Aces and Faces Videopoker Online at Ireland

If you’ve been playing video poker and enjoying it but you’re looking for something a little different there’s no need to look any further, because Aces and Faces is right here and waiting for you.

With nine possible winning hands, Aces and Faces has a promising payout schedule second to none. Many other online casino versions do not pay out pairs but this one begins paying out with pairs of Jacks.

The ranking and importance of hands in Aces and Faces is slightly different than in conventional play but that’s part of what makes it all the more exciting. For instance four of a kind has two different levels in this version. First there is four of a kind twos through tens but a higher pay out goes to four of a kind Jacks, Queens, and Kings. Be sure to check the payout schedule as you begin to play. This might help you develop strategy and determine which cards to hold and which to discard.

Ace and Faces at Ireland

Aces and Faces has a great “Doubles” feature, like many similar varieties offer as well. After winning a hand the player is offered a chance to double his money. If he chooses this option the computer will display five cards face down, and then the computer turns over the one to the far left. The player then chooses one as well and if it is higher than the computer’s card the players win is double. But beware of choosing a lower card; it will cost you your winnings from the round you are presently playing.

Ultimately, the only way to participate fully in the fun is to download the software and to start playing right away. By following the step by step instructions you will be ready to play in a matter of minutes. Set up your personal account and your bankroll. It’s as easy as one, two, and three.

Play the top rated Aces and Faces

Once you’ve enjoyed Aces and Faces and are ready to raise the bar up to the next level you absolutely must play 25-Line Aces and Faces. This new version is just like the original only big and better, to the extreme. Now that’s fun.

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