Play 50-Line Joker Poker Videopoker Online at Ireland

First there was good, and then there was better. Now there is the best. 50-Line Joker Poker is the ultimate in card playing excitement. Just thinking about the strategy involved in playing so many hands at one time could be overwhelming. But instead it is exhilarating. Creating a strategy to play and succeed with this quantity of hands is amazing. But most of all, winning the jackpot is outstanding.

Quite possibly the best thing to hit the world of the online casino , 50 Line Joker Poker is exactly what it seems, a colossal playing experience to beat all other casino games online. This is a true playing endeavor and one not available in a traditional brick and mortar style establishment. A challenge like this can only be brought to you via the internet and Ireland.

50-Line Joker Poker at Ireland

The play begins similarly to the original; the player places his bets and hits the “deal” button. But the screen will appear slightly different than expected. The five large cards appear across the bottom and 49 smaller hands will also appear, although on the screen above. Remember this is online video poker on a much grander scale.

The cards will be dealt to the player by using the main hand on the bottom of the screen; those are the five large cards. It is here that he will choose whether or not he wishes to hold or discard from his hand. But any cards he chooses to hold will also be held in the 49 additional hands. So if he has reserved two cards, let’s say two queens for instance, then those two queens will be played in every hand. Better still the remaining three cards yet to be dealt will vary from hand to hand. This is where understanding possibilities and strategies become crucial. And this is also where the thrill and excitement happen. Watching all the hands unfold and the winning hands being calculated is simply awesome.

Play 50-Line Joker Poker for the Biggest Online Jackpots

Are you ready for the challenge of playing a full screen of hands all at the same time? I think you are. 50- Line Joker Poker, means a screen full of potential jackpots. Never before has there been an opportunity so big and so comprehensive. And if you enjoy this challenge you will certainly enjoy 4-Line Deuces Wild and 10’s or Better. Download the software today so you can start winning and finally get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.