Play 4-Line Deuces Wild Videopoker Online at Ireland

While most online casinos offer variations of five card stud and similar card based casino games online, very few offer a challenge like this one. So if you are looking for a new adventure, look no further because your challenge has arrived.

4-Line Deuces Wild is exactly like the original but, as the name says with 4 hands being played simultaneously. In the original, when you were dealt a hand you had the option to hold onto any or all of the cards dealt. In the new round when you hold onto a card it is carried through to all of the hands you are playing at once. So, for instance, if you have a pair of fives in the hand you were dealt, and choose to hold on to them, you will have a pair of fives in all of the hands.

While playing 4-Line Deuces Wild you will be able to put your online video poker playing skills to the test. Not only do you need to strategize for the hand you are playing, you will need to plan and strategies for the 3 additional hands.

4-Line Deuces Wild at Ireland

Playing a round is pretty straight forward and compares to similar ones like All American or Joker Poker. To play you just begin by placing your bet and having the cards dealt just like in the other varieties, by pushing the “deal” button. The cards will be dealt to the row in the front, with three other hands waiting behind. After which you have the option to decide which cards to hold onto and which to release. He cards you hold will also be held on the three consecutive hands. And once again to hit the “deal” button and the new cards will be dealt. Payouts will be made on winning hands, promptly.

The “doubles” feature keeps your winnings high, with an extra high card bonus round. Essentially this is a high card draw, play off. If the card the player chooses is higher than the computer’s card the payer’s winning from the previous hand is doubled.

Great fun and great prizes while playing 4-line Deuces Wild

Old Western style graphics gives 4-Line Wild Deuces a real old time and pioneers feel. You can just imagine a cowboy of days gone by sauntering into the saloon and asking for a drink of whisky and a round of cards.

With such brilliant graphics and a realistic feel there is no need to delay and it simply pays to play. Download the software and get started today.