Play 25-Line Aces and Faces Videopoker Online at Ireland

Are ready for the next best thing to hit the online casino scene? Have you mastered the simple video poker machines and are ready for a new challenge? 25-Line Aces and Faces is waiting for you. And you’re going to love it!

Many players have tried the five hand variations but for the skilled player, five hands can be mastered rather quickly. An astute player can rapidly process and play five or more hands at a time. But the special skill a player needs in order to succeed at 25-Line Aces and Faces is to understand all the possible hands that could be created from any card combination.

With a little practice a novice or beginner player can become an expert in no time. The easy to understand software provides every player with the opportunity to practice as much as he would like, before making a financial commitment. That means no need to deposit into your real money bankroll account until you are good and ready. That way when you play for real money you can play with confidence.

25-Line Aces and Faces at Ireland

Just like the various other version of everyone’s favourite pastime, this one has its very own unique payout system. The lowest possible payout in this variety is a pair of Jacks, followed by Queens and Kings and of course the big “A”, exactly like it states in the name. Any pairs two through ten simply do not pay out.

25-Line Aces and Faces also offers the special “Doubles” feature. The “Doubles” option provides a player with the chance to double his winning after playing a round. So if a player just won on ten of the hands he was dealt in one round he can double his jackpot on all of them at once. Now that’s really a win-win situation, times ten!

As with all casino games online it is smart to read and understand all the rules before beginning to play. To best enjoy this fascinating adventure it is wise to be prepared. Fortunately, Ireland has made everything readily available for you and user friendly of course. Every variety of card playing fun comes with its own rules, so never assume that what you know about one holds true to the rest.

The most exciting Poker online is 25-Line Aces and Faces

If you like this one you will most definitely enjoy the thrilling Deuces Wild and the big prize winning Megajacks. These two options are just a few of the many lively machines you will find and naturally become enthralled with at Ireland.