Play Wild Games Slots Online at Ireland

Once again, the whole world is in a buzz of pre-Olympic fervor and the animals are no exception. The Wild Games slot machine brings you a competition like none you have seen before. The animal kingdom competes to help you win the best prizes and bonuses in a game chock full of special prizes and bonus features.

With five reels and 25 paylines, this online slots game includes symbols like friendly animals, glorious medals and the standard nine through Ace found in video poker. While the rules are similar to many of our other fabulous slot machine varieties, the fun is exceptional. In Wild Games a trio of competitive mammals (a cheetah, bulldog and hippo) is ready and willing to help you win the multiple bonus features.

Enjoy All the Bonuses In Wild Games Slots

The speedy cheetah activates the 100m Dash Bonus. Choose the cheetah you wish to run in this sprint for you and if you have selected the fastest of the bunch, and your cheetah is the winner, you can win a maximum of eight free spins. Pay attention because the medals also come with bonuses, but you will need to win to find out what’s in store. So, choose your cheetah carefully.

The Balance Beam Bonus, activated by our hefty hippo competitor is similar to the cheetah activated 100m Dash. Choose one of three focused hippos to complete the routine and win if you have chosen the right gal to complete the task. If your hippo was up to the challenge you will win free spins. Best of all, in this competition, you not only have a chance to win free spins but if your hippo was fast enough, you win multipliers too. Up to eight free spins and 10 multipliers can be awarded to the most agile hippo.

Earn Maximum Free Spins In Wild Games Slots

200 free spins could possibly be awarded to the best bulldog in the Freestyle Swim Bonus feature. The bulldog you choose could win a gold, silver or bronze medal as well, leading the way to even better payouts and real money.

While we are all busy watching yet another televised Olympics you could already be earning money and real prizes in one of the best online casinos. Ireland offers great prizes in a wide selection of casino games with no sign up fee. Open your no cost account today and start playing Wild Games because, just like the professional athletes know, you can’t win while you’re sitting on the sidelines.