Play Vacation Station Slots Online at Ireland

Wake up, go to work, come home and go to sleep. Now, go ahead and repeat that again and again, day in and day out for weeks and months on end. Haven’t accrued enough vacation days yet? Work too busy to take time off? If you’re starting to feel burned out, then come home from work, put your feet up and lose yourself in the wacky world of Vacation Station online slots for some quiet downtime, and hey, make some money while you’re at it.

Why Play Vacation Station Slots At Ireland

What is it about other people taking vacations while you’re stuck at work or at home, that is so darn frustrating? Is it the fact that they get to have fun? Or more so, that you don’t? Vacation Station is the perfect solution for that. Whenever you’re feeling down and worn out, just grab your laptop, log in to our online casino and start spinning the reels.

Vacation Station is a three reel and eight payline online casino game with more chances for winning than you’ll know what to do with! From trains to planes and motorcycles to hot air balloons the symbols are all about where to go next, how to get there and altogether, just getting away from it all, and we’re hoping that’s what this game will do for you.

Great Cash Payouts With Vacation Station Slots

To begin with, you’ll decide how many paylines to activate, though between you and us, the more lines active, the more money you’ll make. Once you’ve done that and started spinning the reels, it’s time to keep any eye out for the combinations that will bring home the money. While there is no wild symbol in this game, the great scatter symbol, played by the well-used suitcase, is not just your typical scatter. In this simple game, it can show up on any of the nine squares and if it just so happens to show up on all nine at once, you can win (and no, I’m not joking here) 1,000 times your original bet! Try that on for size! And, not only that, but get three jumbo planes and other winning combinations, and you can take home some serious cash prizes.

See, most people go on vacation and end up that much poorer by the time they make it home. The way we see it, here, you get to experience a vacation, have a great time, there are no worries about getting carsick, airsick or seasick and at the end of it, you can end up even richer!