Play Silver Bullet Slots Online at Ireland

Silver Bullet is an online slots version that will take you back to the Wild Wild West where all the action is taking place and the cash is yours for the taking.

This game has 5 reels and 9 paylines, and if you activate all the paylines you’ll be up for so many ways to win. All the winning combinations are laid out in the paytable and if you hit any of these, you’ll be in for big rewards.

Silver Bullet Silver Bullet Silver Bullet

About Silver Bullet Slots

Generally, the way to win in Silver Bullet is to land at least 3 of a kind of any of the symbols. There are some exceptions to this rule though, as a couple of the symbols will pay you out with two or even 1 symbol.

The symbols that you need to land 3 of include the horse, the dollars, the horse shoe, the pipe, the wheel and the cowboy hat. The ones that you can land even only 2 to win payouts are the liquor bottle, the number 7 and the bomb. And if you land just one keg, you’ll win yourself a small payout. The keg is also the highest payer as 5 kegs will award you with 10,000 coins!

As you can tell, this saloon is a very generous one, and you don’t even need to worry about stick-ups from bandits or any of the other dangers lurking around the corner in the Wild West. The wildest thing about Silver Bullet is the wild symbol, which is the Sheriff’s badge. As the wild, this badge will take the place of all other symbols to help you win.

There is also a scatter symbol, which is the pistol symbol, which will pay you out generously too.

Silver Bullet Slots Explained

No better way to experience a cowboy’s life than to do it through one of our online casino games. You’ll get all the good of these wild times without having to deal with any of the bad, and rake in all of the cash for yourself. And Silver Bullet gives you a very realistic cowboy experience set in a Western saloon. Even the sound effects and music will keep you in the spirit of the one-horse town.

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