Play Rock ’n’ Roller Slots Online at Ireland

Classic slot games are a lot of fun, but sometimes players are looking for a bit more intrigue and a whole lot more possibilities when making winning combinations. At Ireland we make it really interesting! We have taken the classic slots version and added a few additional paylines to it – four additional paylines, to be exact! Welcome to Rock ‘n’ Roller! This is a fun twist on the classic slots game that will have you boogying down in your chair as your bankroll fills up with coins!

All About Rock ’n’ Roller Slots

Rock ‘n’ Roller is a three reel, five payline online slots game that looks a lot like your classic version of online slots, but with a few additional paylines to make it more exciting. And, more exciting is always so much fun. To play, first you need to select your coin size and then how many coins you would like to bet. Keep in mind that the more coins you bet, the bigger the payout you will receive. We recommend going with the Max Bet option, but this definitely means having a solid bankroll management strategy in place to make sure your coins last a long time. No matter if you are playing for free or for real money, you will definitely want to manage your cash!

After you place your bet, it is time to make the reels spin. Be sure to look over the paytable to see all the different symbol combinations you can make. There are all sorts of musical instrument symbols, including drums, harmonicas, and guitars. Once the reels stop spinning, the game will determine if you have any winning combinations and then payout accordingly.

Rock ’n’ Roller Slots Jackpot

While there are no wild symbols or bonus rounds with Rock ’n’ Roller that does not mean it doesn’t have any special features about it! While most of the symbols offer the same payout irrespective of what payline they land on, the platinum records is very different with each payline offers\ing up a different payout. If you get three platinum record symbols on line one, you will receive 400 coins, but if you get the symbol across payline five, you will receive 700 coins! It is a fun extra feature that keeps this online casino game exciting and fun whenever you play it! You know you want to come play this and many other online slots just like it at our online casino today!