Play Reel Classic 5 Slots Online at Ireland

Because they had so much fun making the first few versions, the gambling powers that be decided to go for another round and create Reel Classic 5! This amusing spin off of the original single line online slots machine has a lot going for it, and we’ll tell you all about it if you’ll give us just a moment of your time. Then, you can dive right into the newest and most entertaining edition in this series!

Reel Classic 5 Slots Highlights

Reel Classic 5 takes a good thing and just makes it better. You’re going to like a lot of the features that are used in this version. For one thing, you are given five paylines to play around with. You can choose the number of lines you want open, but realize that the more paylines you make available to yourself, the higher the odds of winning. There are also five columns instead of the standard three, making this option a lot closer to our more active online casino games than the simpler ones. The pay chart will show you the gains of winning a combination based on how many lines you have open and how many of the specific icon you receive, so don’t worry if your math isn’t all that good.

Playing Reel Classic 5 Slots

Five images appear during the Reel Classic 5 rounds, and each one is more lucrative than the last. You start off with the deck of cards, a nice symbol considering the ties to gambling fun over here. This will pay out five times your line bet for three, 10 times for four and a tremendous 40 times the wager for five of these icons. The values continue to rise in this manner throughout the chart. A pair of dice is greater than the cards; a roulette wheel more lucrative than the dice, and the stacks of chips will win bigger than all those we’ve mentioned previously. Of course, the biggest jackpot of all is the stack of golden bars that glimmer as you play! These can land you a smoking hot 2,000 times your wager, so you had better think twice before putting any money down!

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