Play Reel Classic 3 Slots Online at Ireland

If you are looking for a classic online slots game that offers up direct payouts, without having to worry about keeping track of multiple spins or multiple paylines, then you should definitely check out Reel Classic 3! This kind of slot game appeals to penny players and big spenders alike who are looking for a classic game that is found in Las Vegas style gambling establishments. If you want a retro, no-nonsense, slot machine, then this is perfect for you! It does not matter if you have a real money account or you are just playing for fun, everyone is sure to have a good time when they spin the reels here!

All About Reel Classic 3 Slots

Just like the other classic slot games we offer here at Ireland, including Crazy 7 and Alchemist’s Lab, the goal of Reel Classic 3 is to spin the reels and hope you get a winning symbol combination across the single payline. Hopefully, Lady Luck will be on your side and will make certain you get a lot of great symbol combinations on the payline. Make sure you study the paytable so you know exactly what those combinations are and how much you can win. The betting ranges from €0.05 to €5.00, which is why everyone loves it. And, you can choose to bet one, two, or three coins! The more coins you bet and the higher the coin value, the more money you stand to win if you get a combination. Symbols in this game include many of the classic symbols everyone connects to the original versions, including cherries and single, double, and tripled gold bars.

Reel Classic 3 Slots Jackpot

Like a majority of other great classic slots online casino games, Reel Classic 3 does not have any bells and whistles, such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, or bonus rounds. But, that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t win big when you spin the reels! If you are using the Max Bet option and you get three gold bars across the payline, you will win the top payout prize of 5,000 coins! If you don’t bet the Max Bet, but only one or two coins instead, you will win 1,000 coins and 2,000 coins respectively. This is why it is super important to go for the Max Bet, so you can make the most out of your bankroll. Just remember to have a solid bankroll management strategy at our online casino and you will be all set!