Play Queen of the Pyramids Slots Online at Ireland

Take a journey back in time and over to the Nile river where you will see some ancient and beautiful artifacts like never before. From the pointy-topped icons of this nation to the colourful hieroglyphics that cover their walls, there is so much rich culture hidden within this pocket of the world. And who better to give you the tour than the Queen of the Pyramids herself, a Middle Eastern goddess that will have you captivated and enthralled with her looks and her mysterious presence. Find out all there is to know when you play these topnotch online slots today!

Queen of the Pyramids Slots Symbols

Before you jump into the fun, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the strange icons that you’ll be seeing fairly frequently. The strange symbols will not seem so weird to you once they start paying out handsomely, though! Pay close mind to the chart because this is what will translate those icons into gold. As you can see, on the leftmost column is a list of the increasing number of hits or how many times the image might occur on a given spin. Two of the same icons are the lowest combinations that will payout, and only some of the images will allow this base limit. Others will require a minimum of three images to win. Notice that the bird and the lion symbols don’t allow pairs as a winning set, but their payouts start at three.

Queen of the Pyramids Slots Specialty Signs

Now let’s talk about those more exclusive symbols for a minute. As is the case with many of our more advanced online casino games, Queen of Pyramids has a wild, scatter and bonus symbol. The wild symbol is the pharaoh’s head, and this icon will also give you the jackpot if five of them appear. The scatter icon is a scorpion, but this one isn’t dishing out poison but free spins! The unusual unicorn image lets you play a fun bonus round that delivers prizes you are sure to enjoy!

Queen of the Pyramids Slots Progressive Jackpot

Finally, we’ll discuss the greatest card of all; the progressive jackpot at our online casino. This feature is an exciting element that promises significant returns when triggered. A progressive jackpot gets built through every interaction, regardless of who is playing. As such, the amount is quickly grown to a substantial size, and winning it always yields good results. The way to win is through the wild card, as we mentioned earlier. Just hit on five of these images, and you’ll get the big jackpot! Ready to try? Then let’s go!