Play Neptune’s Kingdom Slots Online at Ireland

If you have ever seen the Little Mermaid, then you’ll be familiar with the kindly King Titan who rules the seas in a strong but benevolent fashion. Well, you can keep that image in mind if it helps you stay positive as you play Neptune’s Kingdom, an underwater adventure that is sure to lead you to some buried treasures of your own! (Although, depending on your computer’s resolution, the main character may come across as looking like one of the deep-sea creatures from Pirates of the Caribbean rather than the friendly cartoon character from your childhood!) Grab your goggles and your swimming trunks because we are about to dive deep into the ocean for the adventure of a lifetime!

Neptune’s Kingdom Slots Variations

When you look at Neptune’s Kingdom initially, it will remind you of all of our classic single line online casino games. It’s got a basic design with three reels, and, because it is a pretty simplistic breakdown, the pay chart is displayed above the playing screen. Sounds like a classic single liner to us, huh? But, when you look a little closer, you see something interesting; there are five paylines available on the screen. That’s not a standard single line option. And, that is when you will discover that Neptune’s Kingdom is a cross between the early online slots and the more sophisticated ones, a sort of happy medium that, quite frankly, makes a lot of people happy, as well!

How to Play Neptune’s Kingdom Slots

If you know how to play the original versions, then this one will not be a problem to pick up at all. The only difference you need to learn about is the multiple payline feature. You have the option to activate up to five paylines for any given round. You can choose to close the open paylines for the next round, or you can leave them open, depending on your preference. We suggest trying out a few different styles, and seeing which ones work best for you. The rest of the play is fairly self-explanatory. Place your wagers, just bear in mind that the total wager amount for a round will vary based on the number of paylines you have chosen. A two unit wager with two paylines open will be less than a two-unit wager with four paylines open. Understood? Don’t forget to pay attention to that pay chart above the screen, so that you know how much our online casino will be dishing out to you when you win. Now, get in here and make Ariel proud!