Play Gold Rally Slots Online at Ireland

Gold Rally is a unique slots online machine that fits almost into a category of its own. There are plenty of large multi line options at our club like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Sopranos. All of these are loads of fun to play, so peruse the selection. We also have a great variety of simpler versions like Tres Amigos, Safecracker and Sultan’s Fortune. This category is terrific when you want to play completely free from any sort of pressure, even imaginary! What we don’t have a large assortment of (and that’s because there isn’t one) is online casino games with a mid-range payline option that also has a tremendous payout, namely the progressive jackpot we’ll talk about below. Gold Rally is one of the few, and it is just as well because this one is going to really knock your socks off! Take a look at some of the awesome details that we have for you about these exciting reels!

Gold Rally Slots Highlights

Gold Rally has seven paylines, an odd number on many levels. These paylines can be opened or closed at any given point between rounds, and the various combinations that can be won will fluctuate according to the amount of paylines available. You can certainly create more combinations with four paylines, for example, than you can with two. It is for this reason that many pros will recommend keeping the maximum number of paylines playable during your session, so long as your bankroll can handle it. Of course, if you are playing our free mode, then you don’t have to worry a thing about bankrolls and budgets and whatnot. After all, we’re picking up the tab! The symbols you want to check out are all related to a dig in the mines and include dynamite, pick axes, lanterns and wagons for loading up.

Gold Rally Slots Progressive Jackpot

So you know about Gold Rally, but now the million-dollar question (almost literally!) is how do you win the giant jackpot that has been building up in your honour? Well, remember those scatter symbols, the weighing scales? While each combination of them offer nice payouts that multiply your earnings considerably, when you get nine scatters in one shot, this will trigger the main jackpot, and make you sing for the skies! It’s a wild party when you play at Ireland, the number one rated online casino in all of the world! So step into our arena now, and start having the time of your life!