Play Everybody’s Jackpot Slots Online at Ireland

Everybody’s Jackpot is a really fun multi line slots online game that disproves the notion that there can only ever be one winner! Set up much like a game show on television, even including a cute hostess, the goal here is to make winning combinations of a variety of symbols, including the standard symbols and special symbols, and maybe even win the big jackpot prize of the night!

Everybody’s Jackpot Slots Features

Unlike most multi line slots games, Everybody’s Jackpot has a 3x3 setup with eight possible lines for winning combinations. One of the most special features of Everybody’s Jackpot is the free spin feature. The free spins feature is triggered when you get three logo symbols anywhere on the board. You are then given a number of free spins and while there is no multiplier attached to these free spins, unlike other games, you get something even better! The free spin round is the only time when you can see the big green wild symbol that stays on the middle reel. However, because of the setup of this game, it can be very profitable to have the wild sitting on that reel. And here is something even better – you can continue to win even more free spins as you are in the free spins round. This means that you can enjoy free spins indefinitely!

Everybody’s Jackpot Slots Progressive Jackpot

Probably the primary feature that draws everyone to play Everybody’s Jackpot online casino Ireland slots is its fun and very lucrative progressive jackpot prize. The jackpot is always growing with a small percentage of each bet made going toward it and because the game is so popular, the game can really grow. While most progressive jackpot casino games have one winner, this one is designed so there are multiple winners who get to enjoy a bump in their bankroll! Like other progressive jackpot prizes, this one is also triggered automatically so you never know when it can happen to you! Here’s how the breakdown of the progressive jackpot prize works:

  • The person who triggered the jackpot gets 70% of the prize.
  • Qualifying players currently playing the game receive 15% split between them.
  • Qualifying players who have played within the last 24 hours receive 15% split between them.

Once the jackpot is won, the amount is reset again and continues to grow with every bet that is placed! Who knows, you could be the next person to win it!