Play Emojiplanet Slot Game


The emojis are taking over!

What started as a cute gimmick in SMS has turned into a complete industry. Wherever you look, you’ll see these cute icons that can symbolize everything from happy smiling faces to piles of poo. Now, they’re coming to the online casino, in NetEnt’s Emojiplanet slot game.

The Emojiplanet is a cluster pays slot game that takes place on a 5x6 grid. All winning emoji are removed from the reels, and new ones fall into place. Not only will can this create additional wins, but it can also trigger up to 5 unique features. Get all the details is this IE slot review.

Game Features

  • Game Type: 5 reels, 6 rows, cluster pays
  • RTP:96.40%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Theme: Emojis
  • Release Year: 2017

Play for Real Money

Register your IE account today and start playing Emojiplanet for real money. All you need to is transfer money, using any of the payment methods, and as soon as the transfer is complete, see if you can get the emojis to work for you. Additionally, you will be able to claim an exclusive Welcome Bonus with your first deposit. Check out the promotion pages for all the latest bonus offers or just click on the image below to get started. 


The emoji who is laughing so hard he’s crying is the top paying symbol and has a top payout of 10,000 times the bet. Since Emojiplanet allows for multiple wins per spin, there is a cap at 100,000 times the coin size used with the bet level. This means that if you make the €200 max bet, the largest possible win is 1,000,000.


Instead of paylines, this slot game uses a cluster pays format to create wins. To win, you need at least 5 symbols falling adjacent to each other on any reel. The Avalanche feature will remove all winning symbol, and new ones will fall into place. This can create multiple wins per spin.

  • Coins: There are 7 coins to bet with, the smallest one being 0.01, and the largest coin you can use is €1. You can increase the size of your bet by raising the Bet Level, or the number of coins that you’re betting, between 1 – 10. Every coin must be used 20 times, as if there are 20 paylines, which makes the minimum bet €20 and the maximum bet, with the bet level set at 10, at €200.
  • Symbols: There are 8 emoji symbols on the board. The laughing emoji is the top paying symbol, with a max payout of 10,000 times the line bet. Its followed by an alien head, poo, rocket, lips, pizza, bomb, and blue hearts. The bigger the cluster is, the bigger your payout will be. You can see the complete paytable in the chart below.
  • Wild: The wild symbol can appear on any reel and substitute for any symbol to create a win.
  • Scatter: There is no scatter symbol in Emojiplanet
  Laughing face Alien Poo Rocket Lips Pizza Bomb Blue Hearts
30 10,000x 5,000x 4,500x 2,000x 2,000x 2,000x 1,800x 1,800x
29 9,000X 4,000x 3,900x 1,600x 1,600x 1,600x 1,500x 1,500x
28 8,000x 3,500x 3,400x 1,400x 1,400x 1,400x 1,300x 1,300x
27 7,000x 3,000x 2,900x 1,300x 1,300x 1,300x 1,200x 1,200x
26 6,000x 2,500x 2,400x 1,200x 1,200x 1,200x 1,100x 1,100x
25 5,000x 2,200x 2,150x 1,100x 1,100x 1,100x 1,050x 1,050x
24 4,000x 2,000x 1,900x 1,000x 1,000x 1,000x 950x 950x
23 3,500x 1,800x 1,700x 900x 900x 900x 860x 860x
22 3,000x 1,600x 1,500x 800x 800x 800x 760x 760x
21 2,500x 1,300x 1,200x 700x 700x 700x 660x 660x
20 2,000x 1,000x 900x 600x 600x 600x 560x 560x
19 1,500x 750x 700x 500x 500x 500x 460x 460x
18 1,200x 600x 550x 400x 400x 400x 360x 360x
17 900x 460x 440x 32x 32x 32x 300x 300x
16 650x 380x 360x 260x 260x 260x 240x 240x
15 500x 300x 280x 200x 200x 200x 180x 180x
14 400x 250x 230x 160x 160x 160x 140x 140x
13 300x 200x 180x 120x 120x 120x 100x 100x
12 250x 175x 150x 90x 90x 90x 75x 75x
11 220x 150x 120x 60x 60x 60x 50x 50x
10 200x 120x 100x 50x 50x 50x 40x 40x
9 150x 100x 80x 40x 40x 40x 30x 30x
8 100x 80x 60x 30x 30x 30x 20x 20x
7 80x 60x 40x 20x 20x 20x 15x 15x
6 60x 40x 30x 15x 15x 15x 10x 10x
5 40x 30x 20x 10x 10x 10x 5x 5x
  • Bonus Features: The bomb, pizza, lips, rocket, and blue heart emoji all come with a bonus feature. After any win that involves any of these 5 symbols, the symbols will be collected by a meter on to the right of the board (or under the reels on mobile devices). The meter will be filled when there are 12 matching emoji symbols accumulated. At the end of each spin, the meter will start over at 0. The bonuses are:
    • Bomb: 8 bombs will randomly be placed on the board, destroying the symbols around it. Each symbol that is removed will payout between 5 and 100 times the line bet.
    • Pizza: A random 3x3 large symbol will cover 9 spaces and transform them into a matching symbol.
    • Rocket: the rocket will blast off leaving 10 wild symbols behind
    • Blue Heart: The total win from the complete spin will get a multiplier of the number of times the meter was filled, plus 1.
    • Lips: 3 sticky wild symbols will randomly be added to the board. Each symbol has 3 “lives” that are used up only after it takes part in a win.

Software and Mobile Experience

Emojiplanet is part of the NetEnt Touch collection, a collection of slot games that were developed specifically for mobile devices. To optimize the space on the smaller screen without taking away from the game, you can’t change the bet from the game screen. Instead, you will have to click on the “Hamburger” menu button. This will open up the betting options, paytable, help menu and more.


Emojiplanet is a unique looking slot game that resembles a mobile app game. However, the chances to win real money and the payout are real. The Avalanche is excellent and gives for multiple chances to win on a single spin and trigger the bonus features. Find your favourite emojis today at IE.