Play Dr. Lovemore Slots Online at Ireland

Dr. Lovemore is the kind of guy you probably want to avoid if you are a female and the kind of guy you might think you are if you are a male! This less then suave Casanova is good at one thing, though, and that is lining your pockets with some hard cash! If you are up for making some big gains in the bankroll department, and you aren’t afraid to give a catcall for it, then start romancing your way towards our number one online casino Ireland now, and get it on!

Dr. Lovemore Slots Symbols

Dr. Lovemore may not be the Cupid he thinks he is, but he has plenty of experience lining up the reel symbols. The ones you’ll be seeing a lot of during these rounds are all about setting the stage for a romantic evening. There are fruity cocktail drinks like the strawberry daiquiris, banana liquor, orange twists, cherry sours or the kiwi sliced delights. There are also bottles of aromatic perfumes, big bouquets of roses and boxes of rich chocolates, all meant to win the affections of a lady love. There is even a bottle of bubbly just in case he actually gets lucky! These icons will come with the smaller payouts, but still make things exciting enough to keep playing.

The less frequent symbols for this slots online machine that will, nonetheless, appear often enough to make you smile come with a heftier cash prize, so you can treat your date to an even nicer evening! The license plate clearly states its role as the wild card. You can use this one to replace other symbols when trying to make a good combination for a winning payout. The charming Dr. Lovemore staring through the eye hole is the scatter symbol.

Dr. Lovemore Slots Bonus Feature

Let’s not leave out the most exciting symbol of all (on so many levels), the bonus icon. This comes in the form of loud pink boxer pants with hearts all over them, screaming out the intent behind this less than subtle option. When these guys dance onto the screen on the fifth and first reels, you’ll be rewarded with twenty complimentary spins and multiplied scores throughout the rounds. You can also keep on retriggering freebies each time you spin, so the fun might never stop!

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