Play Desert Treasure 2 Slots Online at Ireland

Desert Treasure 2 is a sequel to a popular online slots machine by the same name, and it is being featured right now at Ireland. If you like the idea of discovering wealth beyond your wildest imagination in a Middle Eastern setting with a few secrets to discover, then this version is right up your alley. Come dig up some baubles today!

So what can you expect from Desert Treasure 2? Well, for one thing, you can predict that the same great characters will show up here as well. For another, you can expect to see cleaner graphics that in the original, and better payouts, two things that make this sequel well worth the wait. The usual characters you’ll be seeing a lot of are the many and varied crawling, slithering and slinking creatures of the sand variety. You can also find a beautiful oasis, a golden camel, a sly merchant, and the lovely female character who, quite frankly, doesn’t fit into the storyline so well, but is a real looker, so is warmly welcomed at our online casino regardless!

The specialty symbols that you will want to look out for are a snake wild symbol, a lovely scatter symbol and a map with a red X as the bonus feature. Most of the time, you’ll get to multiply your scores, so enjoy these perks as they roll in.

Desert Treasure 2 Slots Bonus Round

In the Oasis Bonus, you’ll be met with a toothy grinning man and his camel. The less than reliable merchant would like to sell you his wares. In this round, he has laid out seven treasure chests in which he is storing many beautiful items including multipliers and cash prizes. Your job as a loyal customer is to choose from these chests the three that you wish to haul off with you. If you are lucky, you’ll get the prize combination you were hoping for! Oh, and if fortune is really on your side today, then you might even stumble upon a map that will lead you to some real riches!

How to Play Desert Treasure 2 Slots

In case you had forgotten how to play these types of casino games online, it goes like this. You choose the number of lines you are interested in opening, and then place the bet accordingly. Remember that the bets will vary based on the number of lines, and you should consider your total wager before selecting the number of lines to play with. Then you can spin the reels, and collect your prizes as per the pay table.