Play Play Cowboys & Aliens Slots Online at Ireland

Cowboys & Aliens has probably the most bizarre lineup of characters that any of our online casino games has ever featured! The images that you will find most frequently are the priest, the Indian chieftain, the creature from another planet, and the red-headed adventurer, a pretty crazy mix of personalities. Come see if you can make sense of this zany and awesome version today!

Cowboys & Aliens Slots Highlights

The reels are played off of a country western town, and all of the images lean either towards the rodeo side or the extra terrestrial (though the majority are from the former camp), and the whole scene is done in the style of a comic book. If you like the look and feel of a comic book style option, by the way, then you can also try out Batman & Catwoman Cash slots. It has terrific a graphic novel design along with some killer bonus rounds that will make playing this version something spectacular.

Cowboys & Aliens Slots Bonus Features

The more exciting elements in Cowboys & Aliens are the ones that deliver more than the average payout, though. You can get a scatter symbol that is the online slots logo, and if three of these appear at once, then you’ll win eight complimentary spins! These aren’t your ordinary gratis spins, though, because they contain a unique wild feature within them. Whenever the reels are about to be spun, a four square area will begin to glow. These squares are designated as wild symbols regardless of the actual symbol that appears there during the spin. Each new spin brings a new wild area with it!

A flaming tire is the wild symbol for Cowboys & Aliens, and this means you can almost always create a winning combination when you see it on the screen. The wild symbol also has an added benefit; get five of these, and you’ll walk away with some heavy pockets loaded down with ten thousand units! Also, get ready for the bonus round because it’s a doozy. The attack bonus symbol has to show up on the first and fifth reel in order to actualize this feature, so work your reel magic!

There is also a really cool weapon feature, indicated by the gun symbol. This handy little pistol has four cogs on it, and when it appears on the first reel, one of those cogs will be chosen. The number that appears is the number of times that a wild symbol will be shot onto the images currently on the reel. With more wild symbols on the screen, the better your chances for hardcore victories! Check out this and other outstanding options when you visit our stellar casino online today!