15-20 Line Slots

15-20 line slots is a particularly entertaining category of slots filled with plenty of rich characters and fun themes to enjoy. These versions have all the usual bonuses, specialty symbols and other perks that come with the more developed levels, and, since there are so many more paylines, you get the added excitement of almost guaranteed higher success rate! Sound good to you? If it does, then head straight for Casino.com Ireland, and look up some of your favourite 15-20 line slots options today!

How to Play 15-20 Line Slots

The basic rules of play are the same as the ones with thirty or even ten venues, but the premise is always changing based on the individual version you have loaded. The first step is selecting how many paths you want you winning combinations to be able to take. If you are a big better, then you will have no problem going for the higher amounts, but, if you are uncomfortable wagering more than a certain amount per round, you can always start slow with the minimum and work your way upwards. Of course, the free mode is always a fun way to get in on all the action without thinning your wallet. After you’ve set the payline limit, then you place your bets, and the rest is gambling history. You can watch as the images flash before your eyes, and enjoy the warm feeling of victory as the winning icons fall neatly into place. What a thrill!

15-20 Line Slots Machines

How about trying out some of these great 15-20 line slots from our collection of top of the charts casino games?

Fishing With Buddies is an adorable and highly entertaining option that allows you to interact more than usual with the characters and the system. You get to choose which bear you want to be (that’s right, they’re bears!) and keep them alert through various techniques. See if you can catch a whopper!

Goddess of Life is a nature-inspired option that brings the four elements to life. In addition to being a nicely paying option, the Goddess is a beautifully designed version that you will enjoy playing just for the artistic appeal!

Halloween Fortune will appeal to some punters for a completely different reason. The wild witches in this one are as feisty as a group of gals could ever be, and they’re here to make you your own fortune.

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