Play Mini Roulette at Ireland

It may be small but the winning is big. That’s what they say about Mini Roulette. The newest and most exciting thing to arrive to the online casino scene is waiting for you. Switching to this fantastic small scale version may seem a bit unusual at first especially if you are used to the traditional version of 21, but give the wheel a spin and enjoy the difference immediately. Remember that sometimes good things come in small packages!

This is an opportunity you will only find at an internet based playing site, as the land based destinations only host the traditional online roulette tables. From the moment you “step up” to the digital table you will notice quite a few differences. The most obvious difference, other than the size of the wheel of course, is that there are fewer numbers on the table and the wheel.

While it is based on traditional European Roulette, clearly the odds change once you have removed numbers from the wheel. Mini Roulette only has numbers 1 through 13 instead of the usual 1 through 36. And just like the traditional is has only one zero, the single zero.

Mini Roulette at Ireland

Betting options for Mini Roulette remain virtually the same as the standard betting. Corner Bet, Street Bet, Three Bet, Six Bet, Column Bet, Red or Black Bet, and Even or Odd Bet are all present of course. Although the payout will vary from what players are familiar with.

Whilst some players enjoy this special sized wheel simply for the fun of it or for a change of pace, others believe it is good practice for the “real thing” Many aficionados have theorized that playing the smaller version can help develop the skills and decision making needed for the actual full sized model. Whatever their reasons, one thing is for sure, this little spinning wheel is as there is nothing similar to it out there. There is no poker, slot machine or blackjack that can compare to this pint sized fun. Take a ‘little’ spin over by us and have a ‘little’ fun.

The Small Wheel Spins Best at Mini Roulette

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