Play American Roulette at Ireland

The time-honored classic online roulette has a new world relative. American Roulette. A few exciting adjustments make this version inviting for the new player as well as long time enthusiasts.

The name of this pastime means “little wheel” and has an exciting story to tell. Several centuries of royalty have courted the wheel as a celebrated pastime. The great nobility wanted to keep this pleasure a secret. And yet after so many years of crossing borders and continents and oceans, this royal pastime has made its way into the hearts of many.

After its arrival across the Atlantic via Louisiana, at the end of the 18th Century, playing halls were set up. Many of the new world residents were unfamiliar with the rules so they added new rules and variations. The many small differences between the two versions might not be noticeable to the novice player but the professional knows. Such as the most obvious difference on the wheel itself. The traditional French Roulette wheel has 37 spaces (0-36) on the wheel itself as opposed to 38 on the American Roulette wheel including an extra double zero “00”. The odds are now increased 38:1 with this one extra space.

American Roulette at Ireland

Another variation of the new world version is the physical layout of the table and the wheel. Consistent placement of numbers on the new wheel is specifically designed to balance the odds of landing on high or low numbers. Also the spaces of the zero “0” and the double zero “0” , both in green, are directly opposite of one another on the wheel.

Playing American Roulette has been entertaining players across the pond for years. From its arrival in New Orleans, players unfamiliar with the old world game began developing various strategies for betting and winning. A new world bet which is now more frequently seen internationally is the street bet, although not all tables world-wide allow it. A street bet is a bet made on a series of three numbers and pays out 11:1.

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Players who currently enjoy European Roulette will be happily surprised when they spin the American Roulette wheel for the first time. The small but significant differences can make for a pleasant change and provide an opportunity to attempt a new strategy of wagering technique.

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