Play Live French Roulette Online at Ireland

Looking for some gambling fun with a splash of European flavour? Then check out our Live French Roulette. It’s live, it’s French and it’s one of the most exciting betting sports you’ll find anywhere! So get ready to take this one for a spin because it’s all happening here at Ireland now.

How Live French Roulette Compares

Live French Roulette plays to the classic online casino games lovers in our audience, but it’s got a new twist that we are sure everyone else will love as well. The traditional rules and guidelines apply, so you will already be familiar with everything if you have played the European Roulette wheel before. There is the addition of the La Partage rule, a caveat that allows players to take back part of their losing bet in the event of a zero. Other than that, it’s status quo: you place your bet or bets according to a strategy, system or whim depending on your personality, and then you spin the wheel to find out what your fortune has in store for you. So where is the twist in all of this? Read on to find out!

The Difference Live French Roulette Makes

As we mentioned, Live French Roulette plays like the other versions of this fantastic sport, but with one glaring change to the norm. Instead of working off of a machine-based game, you are actually playing out of our own live casino. The difference that this makes is quite significant, it’s kind of like the difference between watching your favourite movie star on the big screen and actually standing next to him in real life. That’s the beauty of Live French Roulette; the players, the croupier and the excitement are all real and very much alive. You can feel the charged atmosphere through your screen as you watch the attractive casino staff manning the wheel, and you’ll enjoy having some interaction with other players for a change. Sounds too good to be true? Come in and see it for yourself!