Play Blackjack Switch Online at Ireland

Blackjack Switch the creative new version of a certain classic gambling option everyone knows and loves, and is becoming even more popular than the original. If you’ve been looking to spice up your online casino play, look no further. You can still enjoy your favourite pursuit but with a brand new edge.

And what’s that edge you might ask yourself? Well, essentially Blackjack Switch is the same game you’ve known and loved for years. Except that now you’ll be dealt two hands and you have the option to swap cards and make a better hand. And with you in control of your own hand your odds improve, dramatically.

Blackjack Switch at Ireland

Start by placing your bet, one bet for each hand equally. So if you be €10 for one then you must bet €10 for the other as well. The cards will be dealt, for both hands, and just like conventional online blackjack your goal is to beat the dealer without going over and/or 21.

Once the hands have been dealt you have an option. You can continue to play the hands as they were dealt or you can choose to swap the top cards from each hand. If this move improves the value of the two hands it’s a great advantage and you should continue play with the new hands. If it’s not an improvement you can flip-flop right back to the original hands.

Once the swap has been made the play continues as usual. You can double-down and split (but only once) and the dealer plays his hand as well. But there’s a catch, just like the player has a special opportunity to better his hand so does the dealer. If the dealer has a hand of 22 it’s considered a push rather than a bust and his hand will still beat any other hand at the table. No matter what. And anyway, it’s only fair, if the player has the chance to improve his hands, the dealer also deserves the opportunity to surprise the participants with a 22.

The Best Blackjack Switch Online

With plenty of other forms of the classic favourite available, Blackjack Switch is still beating them all in popularity. 21 Duel Blackjack is also a crowd pleaser, with its own unique twists. We offer all the best casino games online, readily available on the internet from the comfort of your home. You can find everything you already love or try something new like Pontoon or Blackjack Switch. No matter which pursuit you choose, sit back and enjoy because they are all only a click away.