Play Pontoon Blackjack Online at Ireland

If you’re curious about Pontoon and its similarities to other 21-like activities, now’s your opportunity to find out the facts. And since we, your favorite internet playing site, offer so many exciting varieties, it pays to discover which variance is best for you.

The first and most important item to uncover is the major distinction between Pontoon and the other various forms of online blackjack. The traditional play rules state that the dealer must hit at sixteen or below, and must stick at seventeen or above. Whereas in this new version the dealer can decide when he or she wishes to hit or stick. In other words they are permitted stay on any two card combination.

Pontoon at Ireland

Secondly, it is wise to remember the similarities between the varieties of 21 based online casino games. The best hand is 21, of course, but what’s unique is the second best hand in Pontoon, a hand of five cards which equals 21! After which, a hand of three or four cards equaling 21, beats the rest. And similar to blackjack switch and lucky blackjack any number combination exceeding 21 is absolutely a bust!

Pontoon play sticks tightly to its rules and the details are part of the fun. For instance, if you are dealt a 10 and an ace you must put the 10 card facing downward and the ace on top in order to declare it. The online casino posts all the rules for your benefit and understanding.

Play the ultimate Pontoon

Another thrilling change is multiple splitting. Usually players are only permitted to split two cards and play two hands at a time, but in this version the player can split and play three and even four hands. For instance, after splitting the first pair and being dealt the new cards making two hands, if the new hand is doubles the player can split again.

Additionally, a player can collect another card by requesting from the dealer, “Twist me one”, but only if the total value of their cards is less than 21. In this case the card is dealt face up, so the other players and the dealer can see it as well. Twisting is allowed until the player holds five cards, maximum.

So, whether you call for a twist or a split make sure to pay attention to the rules. Here, you can learn how to play, practice a bit and have a fantastic time. Nothing beats learning a new version of an old classic.