Play Lucky Blackjack Online at Ireland

Very likely the most exciting thing to happen in the world of the online casino, Lucky Blackjack is changing the face of classic 21 as we know it. How does it work and what makes it different from traditional 21? Look no further and find out all you need to know right here.

Lucky Blackjack is played half like the conventional method and half table play, combining the best element of 21 and traditional online casino games. And the trick to winning is in the wagering. Yet instead of betting on your own hand you bet on the dealer’s hand. A little crazy, right? But that is what makes it even more interesting!

The play starts by the participant placing a bet. The middle of the table is marked with possible scores, numbers ranging from 17-21, Bust or online blackjack. This is the dealer’s hand on which you are betting.

Lucky Blackjack at Ireland

The cards are then dealt with the dealer dealing himself one face up and one face down. When the dealer turns over his second card, and the total is revealed, one of two things will occur. If the total is more than 16 (17 and above) the dealer must stick. But, if it is 16 or below he must hit and collect a third card and he will continue to hit until his total card value is 17 and up.

If at any point the dealer turns over a new card and his total card value exceeds 21, he loses and bets are paid out.

Betting is also more interesting in Lucky Blackjack. For instance the dealer busting pays out 2 to 1, and if he sticks at 20, the payout is 4 to 1. A complete list of odds is always available when you visit the gaming site. Understanding the odds and a dash of luck will go a long way in this unique version of an old school favourite.

Fun and Excitement Playing Lucky Blackjack

We offer the best selection of 21- style playing. Not only can you play Lucky Blackjack but you also will find Blackjack Surrender, in which you have the option to surrender your cards and only lose half your bet. Also available is Progressive Blackjack, the extremely interesting variation which gives you the chance to place addition side bets, ultimately increasing your winnings exponentially.

Bring your best lucky charm and grab a spot at the table, something fresh and new waits with the click of the mouse.