Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Game Online at Ireland

Rollercoaster Dice is one of our exciting, retro-style online arcade games, that offers you simple rules, great graphics and atmospheric sound effects, plenty of ways to win, and hours of quality online entertainment. Whether you play with download software or flash, you’ll enjoy excellent game stability, no matter what time of day or night you decide to play; and with games available every day of the year at Ireland, there’s never been a better way to access to your favourite online casino games.

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Games Rules & Bets

A simple but fun dice game, your aim is to use basic mathematical probability to try and predict the outcome of a single Rollercoaster Dice roll, with two dice used in every throw. Start by setting your wager amount using the + and – buttons, and then click on ‘Play’ to get the dice rolling. You will see two dice rolled and settle on your screen. Your role is to then predict the next result. Your Rollercoaster Dice bets work as follows:

  • If the total of the initial two dice roll is less than 7, you can bet Lower & Equal or Higher.
  • If the total is 7, you can bet Lower & Equal or Higher & Equal.
  • If the total is greater than 7, you can bet Lower or Higher & Equal.

If your prediction is correct, or you manage to roll two consecutive 7’s in a row, you will automatically progress one level – and this means one step closer to a payout. You will continue to move up the levels until you can claim your payout. Whenever you make a wrong prediction, the game ends and it’s time to start over again.

Win Real Money

You receive a payout when you reach a Cashout level during your Rollercoaster Dice game. The amount of your payout depends on the level you reach, and comes in the form of a multiplier. When you reach the payout you would like to claim, hit Cashout to have your winnings paid directly to your bankroll. The higher you climb, the more you win - reach the maximum level of 11 and receive winnings that are 30x your stake.