Play MegaBall Arcade Game Online at Ireland

One of our most exciting numbers-based online arcade games, MegaBall offers some fast-paced lotto-style action, as well as excellent quality graphics and animations, state of the art software with smooth functionality, atmospheric sound effects and multiple ways to win, including a progressive jackpot that has no upper limit to the amount it can pay out!

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Games Rules & Getting Started

When you play MegaBall, the outcome is decided by a draw of coloured numbered balls, and your aim is to try and predict what numbers will be drawn in this lotto-style game. You have a number of bets that you can choose from, covering a range of elements forming the game, and if your guess is correct, you will receive a payout. Begin by stipulating your bet amount by clicking on the + and – buttons, and then make your bets. Betting options that you can opt for include:

Red, Blue or Yellow – you can bet on a specific colour to be drawn, as well as how many of that colour will be drawn in that round - you need to be spot on with both guesses for this bet to pay out.

Cocktail – this is a mixed wager, covering all three of the available colours.

Sixth - a bet on what the sixth number that is drawn will be, with a very generous payout of 45:1.

First and Last – A bet on whether the first ball that is drawn will be higher or lower in value than the last number that is drawn.

Sum total –a wager how much all of the balls that are drawn will add up to.

Progressive Jackpot

The MegaBall Progressive Jackpot is an extra, optional bet that you can pay in to take your chances with hitting the jackpot. There is no upper limit on how much this jackpot can pay out, making it one of the most lucrative payouts available in any online casino game.

Linked across several machines, the jackpot amount rises every time a player pays into the side bet. The amount won is the amount showing on the counter at the time of winning – and then the jackpot automatically resets and starts accumulating again right away.