Play Jackpot Darts Arcade Game Online at Ireland

Fancy claiming 100% up to €400 in Welcome Bonus money + 200 free spins and getting the chance to play for a massive progressive online casino games jackpot – in the comfort of your own home? Just one of our many exciting online arcade games at Ireland, Jackpot Darts is a retro-style game that is easy to learn, fun to play, and has plenty of benefits to offer.

Available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week, in either flash or downloaded software, and in Practice play or for Real Money, choose Jackpot Darts for quality, choice, and exceptional online casino entertainment. You can place multiple bets in any game to increase your spread, and if you guess correctly, you can earn home a handsome payday.

You can also bet into a progressive jackpot side bet for the chance to win one of the potentially richest payouts in any casino game. If you opt in to the extra side bet and all three darts hit the Bullseye, you receive the jackpot amount showing.

Games Rules & Getting Started

Using a virtual dartboard that is based on a traditional board, the layout of our online Jackpot Darts game is easy to recognise; it has the same standard markings including doubles, trebles, an outer Bull and a Bullseye. The outer Bull is worth 25 points, and the Bullseye is worth 50 points.

Your aim when you play Jackpot Darts is to predict the outcome of a three-dart round. There is a menu showing all available bets that you can make in the upper right of your screen, and this menu also displays each bet’s corresponding payout. For extra assistance, you can hover over each of the different bets that is listed to see your odds of winning that bet when you play.

To play, set your bet amount by clicking on the chips and place your bets. You can place up to a maximum five bets in every Jackpot Darts game you play, and when you’re ready to let the darts fly, hit Throw.

Jackpot Darts Bets

These are the bets you can choose from, with a maximum of five allowed during any one game:

Doubles: A bet on the number of darts that will land in the doubles sections on the virtual dartboard.

Inner Bull: A wager on your darts landing in the Bullseye area – as this is the most difficult bet to hit, it pays out the most.

Low, medium, high: You place a wager on the sum of the three darts by specifying a range. Outer Bull: You bet the darts will land in the outer bull area.

Singles: A bet that the darts will land on 1, 2 or 3 singles areas.

Treble: A bet on the number of darts that will land in the trebles sections on the virtual dartboard.