Play Hold 'em Showdown Arcade Game Online at Ireland

A simplified poker game, Hold 'em Showdown is a heads-up game played against the dealer, which offers plenty of action and the chance to win real money. And in a special twist, you can still win, even if you lose your hand!

Fast paced and fun, this is one of our top online arcade games, thanks to its wide range of stakes, exciting action, and poker-style payouts. Hold 'em Showdown is suitable for all types of player – from newbies to high rollers – and no matter what your bankroll might be, there’s an exclusive Welcome Bonus of 100% up to €400 + 200 free spins waiting to be claimed by each and every online casinos player that plays real money games with us today.

How to Play

When you play Hold 'em Showdown casino games online at Ireland, you start by placing an ante on the table, along with your optional AA bet. This AA bet focuses on the possibility of landing a pair of Aces as you play. Once your bets are ready, click Deal to receive your two cards, and watch the dealer receive two cards face up; then it’s time to battle it out for the payout.

The dealer needs to get a minimum of a pair of 4s to qualify – and that’s when you specify which hand you’re backing. You can choose to Fold your cards (and lose both your ante bet and any optional AA bet you made) or to Call the dealer. If you Call, you will see five community cards dealt – you now have to try and make the better hand and beat the dealer.

As the game comes to a close, your hand is compared with that of the dealer using standard poker hand hierarchy, and your AA bet is evaluated. If your hand is better than the dealer’s, you win, and your payout is paid instantly to your account. You can also win your AA bet with a pair of Aces, even if your regular hand loses!

Winnings & Bonuses

There are a few possible outcomes when you play Hold 'em Showdown. These are as follows:

Dealer fails to qualify: this means that the dealer has not achieved the minimum qualifying hand of a pair of 4s. This means you automatically win and receive a payout.

Dealer qualifies, but you have a stronger hand: This means not only that you win, but also that your payout is equal to your ante bet.

Dealer qualifies with strongest hand: this means that the dealer has made the better hand and so you lose and forfeit your ante bet.

AA bet wins: you win this bet if you hit a pair of Aces, and you can be paid out anything from 7x and 25x multipliers. This bet can win even if you lose your overall hand against the dealer.