Play Genie's Hi Lo Arcade Game Online at Ireland

If you like simple yet entertaining online arcade games that offer plenty of ways to claim a win, then check out our Genie's Hi Lo games at Ireland. A card game played with a single deck, this is a fast-paced game that has simple rules for you to learn, so you can get to the centre of the action right away.

Place your wager on the outcome of a single card turn, and if you make the correct prediction, you’ll earn a payout. And to boost your bankroll right away, you can also claim an exclusive Welcome Bonus of 100% up to €400 + 200 free spins. This bonus cash is available to every new player that chooses to sign up and play real money online casino games with us today.

Games Rules

Start by specifying your bet amount and then choose a card -you will use this card to make your prediction. See whether you think the next card drawn will be higher or lower in value than the card you chose, or alternatively, bet on the colour being either red or black, or make a combination bet that combines both the colour and the points value. Place your bet by clicking on the option you prefer and play! Remember – when you play Genie's Hi Lo, Aces are always valued at 1 and if you make a combination bet, both parts of the bet must be correct for you to receive a payout.

Once you hit a winning prediction, you can choose to collect your casino online winnings straight away, or to continue on to the next level in the hope of hitting a bigger payout. If you choose to continue, every time you guess an answer correctly and win, your payout will increase. However, it takes only one wrong guess for your game to be over. In this instance, you lose all the winnings you have accrued in that round and start over again.

Genie's Hi Lo Strategy

Improve your edge by adapting the way you play slightly; these basic tips and tricks won’t make you win every time, but they’ll help to enhance your overall experience.

Use Probability: Genie's Hi Lo uses a single deck of cards, so you can use basic probability principles to guess the next outcome. For instance, if you turn over a 3 card, probability suggests the next card is more likely to be higher in value!

Bet wisely: everybody likes to play their own way, but make sure your bankroll dictates the way you play! For instance, if you need to boost your bankroll a bit to play for longer, take your winnings when you’re offered them. It may be tempting to go for bigger payouts, but there is a risk element that could see you without any payouts at all. Multiple small wins may be better for your bankroll than going for the jackpot and losing - so bear this in mind as you play.