Play Frankie’s Fantastic 7 Arcade Game Online at Ireland

What do you get when you combine online casino games software with a card game and horse betting? Frankie’s Fantastic 7, that’s what! This exciting game has lots to offer, with multiple betting options and many different ways to win a payout.

When you play Frankie’s Fantastic 7, you make wagers on a seven-horse race – but with cards in play and a number of complex betting options, this game is a great choice for even the most discerning player. And as an added bonus, all new players at Ireland can boost their bankroll with a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to €400 + 200 free spins when they sign up and play Real Money games with us today.

How to Play

When you play Frankie’s Fantastic 7 arcade games online, there are two decks used, along with two jokers in play. Start by placing your bet and setting your coin amount for each bet. Your race has seven contenders and each horse has its own lane. Every lane has a different number of steps, and the payouts reflect this accordingly.

The more steps the lane contains, the more challenging it is for that horse to win, so these lanes pay more: for example, Lane 3 which has six steps offers the biggest payout. The horses move along the lane in accordance with cards that are drawn. You can bet on multiple horses if you wish. Once your bets are in place, click Race and watch the horses battle it out.

Each horse has a card drawn and this card determines whether the horse can move along its lane. Cards are placed face up on the left side of each lane, and the winning card is the highest in rank, and the horse with the best card moves forward one step. When two or more horses show the same high card, the winner is decided by suit - spades ranks as the highest suit, followed by hearts, then diamonds and then clubs. If it so happens that the horses show the same rank and suit, both horses can move.

How to win

Your horse must cross the finish line first for you to win your Frankie’s Fantastic 7 round. In the event of a tie, you only receive half of the payout and if you get a joker card, your horse will be eliminated from the race for that round.

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