Play Bonus Bowling Arcade Game Online at Ireland

If you’re a fan of bowling alleys and would like to try something a little different when you play casino games online, then hit the virtual bowling alleys for the chance to win real money! An easy to learn but highly entertaining choice, our Bonus Bowling games at Ireland give you a real bowling alley feel - in the comfort of your own home and with the chance to win some real rewards!

The overall idea is simple; your aim is to guess how many virtual pins you think will be knocked down across a total of two throws – and if you’re right, you win a payout. This game has wonderful graphics and sleek animations, as well as atmospheric sound effects that add to your game.

How to play

Start your Bonus Bowling online arcade games by deciding how many pins you want to bet on – you have to decide how many pins you think will be knocked down over two throws of the bowling ball, and this is your wager. Alternative bets that you can place include a spread such as 0-3 pins, 4-6 pins, or 7-9 pins; these give you a better chance of winning as they are less specific, and this is reflected by a lower payout. You can also bet on a ‘spare’ (all ten pins across two throws) or a strike (all ten pins in the initial throw).

You can make multiple bets when you play Bonus Bowling, and you can view your available options to the right of your screen; simply click on your selection of choice and set your coin level. To help you decide which bet or bets to place, check the payouts for each bet next to the bet fields as this not only tells you how much you are playing for, but also gives you some indication of how easy or difficult the bet is to hit. Once your bets are in place, click the ‘Throw’ button to set the game in motion and watch as two balls are rolled.

Real Money Games

You can place multiple bets when you play Bonus Bowling, so you can use this to cover a wider spread for more chances to hit a winning payout. You get a payout of 2x your bet amount for predicting 0-3 pins correctly, 3x your bet amount for predicting 4-6 pins correctly, and if you predict 7-9 pins correctly you will get 5x your original bet. If you chose to bet on a Spare and it wins, you receive 10x your original bet amount, while a strike pays out at 25x your bet amount.

For extra funds before you even start playing, you can also claim a bonus of 100% up to €400 + 200 free spins, simply for signing up to a Real Money account at our online casino and making an initial deposit.