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Not ready to become a high-roller? Not confident enough in your online gaming skills to invest real money? Wishing you could play top casino games for fun, without the pressure of winning or losing? No problem! offers players the option to play their favourite online casino games with a real money account or in a FREE practice mode.

In order to enable the practice mode, you have two options. You can a) Download the software, and create a Fun account, or b) play the Flash version on Once you register for your free account, you will start out with $2,000 of practice (i.e. not real) money. You'll gain access to MOST of our online casino offerings and will be able to play as though you were playing with real money. Some of the benefits of playing in practice mode include:

  • You'll get a chance to see how a game works – to learn the rules and see if you enjoy playing it, before investing real money
  • Playing free casino games in practice mode will give you the opportunity to work out game strategies. Play a few rounds of an otherwise high-stakes game in practice mode and test out a theory or strategy before switching to a real money account
  • Practice mode free game play will let you have fun playing your favourite online casino games without worrying about losing money

Please note, however, that there are some games that you won't be able to play or some game elements that you won't have access to as a practice mode player. For example, live dealer games require you to open a real money account, and some online slot games have features (like the Dollar Ball side bets or Progressive Jackpot) that are enabled only for players using real money.

Finally, there is only one disadvantage to playing free casino games in practice mode – if you hit a top jackpot or win an amazing hand, you won't actually win any real money!