Accepts Debits Cards

A debit card is an incredibly convenient and secure payment method accepted at It differs from credit cards as a payment method because the payment is made against the balance in your bank account, not against credit, as in the case of credit cards. Debits cards are also referred to as a bankcard, or cheque card, in various circles. There are a several brands and types of debit cards, at we accept VISA Electron (issued by Visa Inc.) and Maestro (issued by MasterCard).

  • VISA Electron: Visa Debit is the debit card that North Americans, Australians and the British are familiar with. The rest of the world, however, uses VISA Electron. It currently holds a sizeable share of the debit card market. Prior to October 2004, Visa Debit was known as Visa Delta.
  • MasterCard Maestro: Although largely overshadowed by Visa Electron’s popularity, Maestro has made serious headway into international markets, most notably in South Asia. In the United Kingdom, Maestro was launched as Solo, and all issued Solo cards were linked to the Switch payment processing system. The Solo brand name and trademark have since been retired.

Advantages of Using a Debit Card at

There are a lot of great payment methods to choose from at, from bank transfers and E-wallet services to credit cards. But perhaps one of the best options is the debit card which provides great security and quick transactions.

One of the best features of a debit card is the pin protection, which protects you and your money from online theft and fraud. Another great feature you get with a debit card is, you can only play with money that you have, so you incur no debt while using it.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money Using a Debit Card at

As we mentioned above, at we accept the MasterCard Maestro and Visa Electron, both cards have the power of the largest credit card companies backing them up. To get started you’ll have to open an account with whichever service is best for you, and link it to your bank account. The money that is in the account is what you will have access to. Unlike the credit card, which gives you a line of credit, a debit card will only let you play with available funds.

After the account is set up you can login to your account, select the Debit Card option on our payment page, determine an amount to deposit in your account and enter your personal identification number (PIN code). The money will then quickly be deposited in your account so you can start playing online blackjack, craps or any of our popular online casino games right away.