The basics of video poker

At casinos across the internet and the world, video poker has proven to be an extremely popular game that appeals to players of all kinds.

Just like live poker, with video poker, players are initially dealt five cards from a randomly shuffled deck. Most video poker games will indicate if a playable hand has been made. Players may then choose what cards they want to hold, press the draw button and receive new cards to replace their discarded ones.

Many people are attracted to video poker because it pits the player against the computer in a fast-action game that has the potential to reward players with a jackpot.

Video poker games do resemble traditional slot games in some respects. However, the difference is in how the game is played – slots are won when a particular combination is made with certain symbols, while video poker is based on a five-card hand.

There are certain key differences between video poker and other forms of the game:

  • In video poker, the house is banking the game but the machine is not trying to beat your hand. It is more like solitaire in this sense, and attempting to bluff or read an opponent does not work because there are no opponents as such.
  • You cannot lose to other players – if you have a playable hand, it cannot be topped by a competitor.
  • Kickers cannot be used in video poker – you must have a recognised, playable hand in order to win.
  • Conversely, plays that are fine in video poker may be unusable or invalid in other forms of poker.