All about Video Blackjack

Video blackjack tends to look like a slot machine and is often included in a number of available games, including slots and video keno. All you have to do is touch the blackjack icon on the video screen to start playing video blackjack.

Most video blackjack games use a random number generator (similar to online casinos) to deal cards. Only one deck is programmed and each card has equal probability of being selected. Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, there is no option to count cards. The advantage is determined by the rules – the worse the rules, the higher the video casinos edge.

Minimum bet requirement with video blackjack is much lower than most table versions. Some start at only $0.25. Video blackjack tends to attract those players that do not have the funds for the table version or are just learning the ropes of the game and want to play for small stakes.

The major problem most video blackjack players incur is that players are paid even money and not 3:2, and doubling is restricted to only face and ace cards.

One of the most popular video blackjack games is Blackjack Blitz. In this game, five to six players are sitting in a horseshoe-fashion with the “dealer” in the middle. Every player is dealt cards by the dealer and the players push different buttons to signal if they are hitting, folding, or doubling.

Digital 21 is another well-known video blackjack game. A live dealer is presented along with electronic cards imbedded in the layout in front of each player. Except for the electronic cards and electronic shuffling, Digital 21 is much like a traditional blackjack game.

When playing video blackjack, no matter the game, there are some things to remember:

  • Read over all the rules to make certain you are able to quickly compute the casino’s edge
  • If the video blackjack machines only pays even money for a blackjack, do not play
  • Usually machines that pay 3:2 on a blackjack will do so only if the player bets an even amount of money – if they bet with an odd amount, they will get shortchanged on the payoff
  • Always use appropriate basic playing strategy for the rules
  • The majority of video blackjack machines use only one deck and shuffle after every round – if you find one with multiple decks in use and only shuffled when 50 percent of the cards have been used, it is possible to count cards