All about Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a Chinese phrase meaning “dice pair.” However, there is actually three dice used in this game. Players place bets based on the possible outcome of the throw of the dice.

To play Sic Bo online:

Click on any chip to set the bet amount. Then, click on any bet area located on the table to place your bet. Every click on the area on the table will add another chip to the bet. Select another chip size if you want to increase the bet by another amount. Right clicking on the area will remove a chip. In this game, you are able to place several chips in different betting areas at one time. Click the Roll button to active the dice. All winning bets are paid accordingly. To play again, click on New Bet or Rebet to place the same bet as the previous round.


  • Roll – Roll the Sic Bo dice.
  • Clear Bets – Remove your bet from the table.
  • New Game– Start a new game round of Sic Bo.
  • Rebet – Place the same bets as the previous round.
  • Skip Turn – Skip your turn when playing in multiplayer mode.
  • Chat – Click this button to chat with the other players in that room. Type a message and press enter.
  • History – See you game history, including dates, bets and results.
  • Help – View the help file.
  • Options – View the options dialog box.
  • Cashier – Only available in Real Money Mode and allows players to deposit or withdraw money and see transaction history.
  • Play for Real – Only available in Fun Mode; players click the button to either create a Real Money account or switch into their Real Money account.
  • Lobby – click this button to exit the game and return to the main lobby to play a new game.

You are able to place multiple Sic Bo Bets. Place your cursor on the betting area and read the info test on the status bar on the lower edge of the screen to identify all betting areas.

Betting Options

Small Bet wins if the dice totals equals between four and ten. Big Bet wins on a total of 11 to 18. Neither bet wins if the three dice are the same number. Both pay out 1:1.

The Number Bet states that a specific number will show up on as many dice as possible. Select a number between one and six and place chip(s) on corresponding area. If it appears once, pay is 1:1, twice is 2:1, and three is 3:1

Pair Bet is a bit on any of the possible 15 dice combinations. If both appear, it pays 5:1.

A Total Bet wagers on the sum of the three dice. Totals between four and 17 are accepted at our online casino. Possible totals of three and 18 are excluded. The pay ratio depends on the sum.

Total Pay Ratio
4 60:1
5 30:1
6 17:1
7 12:1
8 8:1
9 6:1
10 6:1
11 6:1
12 6:1
13 8:1
14 12:1
15 17:1
16 30:1
17 60:1

A Double Bet wagers that two of the same specified number will be rolled, like a pair of fives. If the pair selected is rolled, this bet pays 10:1.

A Triple Bet wagers that three of the same specified number will be rolled, like three fives. If the triple with the selected numbers appears, this bet pays 180:1.

Any Triple Bet wagers that all three dice will show the same number without selecting a specific number. If any triple is rolled, this bet pays 30:1.