The Deck Penetration Concept in Blackjack

Many have heard the wonders of deck penetration and how it can be efficiently utilized to improve a player’s edge against the casino during a game of blackjack. However, with a plethora of blackjack-related buzzwords and strategies, it is possible that the deck penetration concept is a method you have either not heard of yet or have been able to investigate. The question is if deck penetration helps and if it does, how does one get started?

Card penetration refers to the technique of weighting the cards that have already been dealt against the cards that are remaining and about to be reshuffled. A percentage format is used to record the difference and used to track the number of each card still remaining. For example, if you are playing a single deck game and the deck still has 35 cards remaining, the deck penetration percentage is calculated at 65.

Deck penetration in blackjack is a lot easier when only a single deck is in use because there are only 52 cards to account for. However, it is important to remember that a majority of casinos tend to use anywhere between six and eight decks for any one blackjack table. Players that want an increased edge user deck penetration because it provides them with necessary information in making good decisions.

However, deck penetration does not provide any further assistance to regular players. Therefore, regular players are encouraged to stay with their basic blackjack strategy to get the best possible results. Deck penetration is best used by those who possess the ability to count cards. Card counters have the unique ability to memorize cards that have been played, providing them with information regarding what cards are left.

Many believe deck penetration to be a flawed blackjack strategy, especially when it comes to playing online. It is impossible to count cards online because most online casinos use a random number generator for results. This means all results are entirely random and cannot be tracked.

Deck penetration is a strategic tool used by card counters in brick-and-mortar casinos. To become good at blackjack, memorize basic strategy first along with money management strategies to increase the possibility of winning.