Techniques for Winning at Blackjack

Players skilled at blackjack are not satisfied with the winning techniques offered to them. Rather they develop and test new techniques to gain an advantage over their opponents at the betting table, whether it is at a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino. John May, a seasoned blackjack pro, summarizes a few new blackjack strategies that individuals can learn about in his book “Get the Edge at Blackjack.” Keep in mind that the techniques listed here are only good for brick-and-mortar casinos and not online casinos.

Card Steering is not a new blackjack technique but it does require skill. What happens is a team of players take over the entire blackjack table. The player at the first base is trained to cut a specific number of cards from the back of the show. The rest of the team notes the bottom card of the shoe (hopefully the players have a careless dealer). The last card is now the twenty-fifth card. The players then play their hands knowing which player will get that card. If that card is a face card or an ace, the player makes a large bet. It is a powerful technique because it can offer up to a 50 percent edge.

Card Sequencing involves memorizing a key card that goes into a discard try before the ace and then watching for its appearance after the shuffle, knowing an ace will not be too far behind. To do this, players need to find a dealer that shuffles the same way each time. the best card sequencers are ones that can memories four or more cards.

Shadow Play requires players to have keen observation skills to notice any cards that have flashed without the dealer’s knowledge. Sometimes dealers inadvertently flash cards with they riffle or strip cards high off the table. Players are trained to note the card and its location in the deck. There have been numerous scams noted using small fiber optic video cameras to relay this information to someone who can watch the tape in slow motion and report back to the player who has a small ear bud for communication. Keep in mind that eventually the casino will catch on to this type of technique.