The Rules of Baccarat

The object of popular casino game baccarat is to get a hand that has a total number of points close to nine. Ten and picture cards count as zero, aces are valued as one, and 2 through 9 is at their face value. If the hand totals up to ten or more points, subtract ten points and the remainder is the baccarat point value for that hand.

Players can bet on the banker’s bad, the player’s hand and on a tie. Players can bet on more than one hand at a time. The player and the banker are then each dealt a two-card hand. In some cases, Third Card Rules will be applied. Cards are dealt from a shoe housing six decks of cards. The winner is the player that gets the closest to 9.

If a player bets successfully on the player, they are paid out 2:1 on their bet.

If a player bets successfully on the banker, they are paid out 2:1 minute a five percent bank commission.

If both the player’s hand and the banker’s hand are the same total, the result is a tie. If a player placed a bet on the “tie,” the payout is 9:1.

To play Baccarat at, first players need to click on a chip to select it and then place the chip on where they want to place their bet – player, banker, or tie. Every click on the area adds an additional chip to the bet. Players can select another chip if they want to increase their bet. A right mouse-click will remove a chip from the bet. Players can place several chips into any of the categories at the same time. Once the player clicks the “Deal” button, the cards are dealt. Once the cards are dealt and the winning hands are determined, players can select “New Game” to play again or “Rebet” to place the same bet as the previous round.